image: Alberto Hermández


On the vast canvas of the cosmos, each entity intertwines in an intricate dance of phenomena, beings, and forces. Nothing exists in isolation; everything blends and blurs, defying human comprehension. In the natural world, the connection between species, organisms, and natural forces is the very essence of life on the planet.

In the realm of art, this interaction can evolve into a deeper symbiosis through collectives, collaborations, and interventions that transcend the author's ego and market conventions. My work immerses itself in this rhizomatic and organic flow, embracing experimentation with diverse mediums.


Elena Victoria Pastor (Caracas, 1982 she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist working with performance, video, installation, sound, and objects derived from her performative actions. She focuses on building bridges and connections between seemingly distant perspectives, including a review on cosmovisions from Amazonian communities in her country of origin and occidental ecological contemporary philosophy, with a feminist and postcolonial approach, aiming to deconstruct the anthropocentric gaze. Her work embodies a deep interplay between fragility and strength.

Her work has been exhibited in various international venues, including Performance Arts Links in Stockholm, Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Sofia Art Week in Bulgaria, Kunsthaus Hamburg, Museum of Modern Art Jesus Soto, Museum of Contemporary Art MACZUL, International Performance Studies Conference PSi28 Johannesburg, National Gallery of Arts Caracas, Casa de América in Madrid, Sammlung Falckenberg of Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Kunsthalle Trier, FabrikCulture during ArtBasel and an auction with Annie Leibovitz at Lincoln Center NYC.