Rum Snake

video, 42:37:12”

Hamburg, 2023.
Elena Victoria Pastor: vocals, performance
Michael Steinhauser:  theremin, electronics
David Huss: multitimbral synthesizer,butt shakers

The Venezuelan performance artist Elena Victoria Pastor opens up unknown spaces with her vocal art, which, with its special use of body and movement, pushes us towards our lost connection to nature.

Michael Steinhauser, artist and sound installer, works on an acoustic space curvature and with synthetically alienated theremin and other inverted sound sources.

David Huss synthesizes multitimbral and tactile sound worlds with organic andand at times chaotic character that underpin the performance. Thus, an inspiration of amazon sound, mixes with urbanpost-industrial noise and complex electronics.

Performed at Galerie Schrank, hosted by curator Nikita Kotliar. In the context of Blurred Edges Festival supported by VAMH and Musikfonds e.V.

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Video & images: courtesy of the artist.