Power of Water

Installation with sound and video

Artwork Elena Victoria Pastor
Sound in collaboration with David Huss

Hamburg, 2023.
Water is not just vital for survival; it's a profound wellspring of inspiration and a critical cross-cultural foundation. Throughout human history, water has woven intricate narratives, fueled legends, an laid the cornerstone for cosmogonies. This essential element has a transformative power that transcends mere sustenance.

Remarkably, across diverse civilizations, water has often been personified as feminine, a manifestation that aligns intriguingly with our own planet's character. Earth, distinguished as the sole orb mostly veiled by water, shares this gendered trait with thi life-giving liquid.

This interplay of divinity and life-sustaining essence, however, contrasts starkly with the historical subjugation of women, a phenomenon often entrenched in deeply patriarchal norms. The struggle for women's empowerment and their relegation to secondary roles within sectors such as labor, social interaction, and religious domain underscores a paradoxical shift from the reverence that once embraced the feminine in ancient times.

In an artistic endeavor blending video, sound, and light, I aim to offer abstract representations of female deities. This multimedia installation intends to convey the themes of fertility, strength, mythology, and the sacred—themes intrinsically tied to the feminine By exploring water's feminine symbolism, one that flows through rivers, kisses the shores, and stretches to the ocean's depths, I see to intertwine myths with tangible reality.

Furthermore, if we embrace the concept of the feminine as a vital force that transcends traditional gender definitions, allowing it to permeate and enwrap us, a unifying energy emerges, breaking free fro the confines of a patriarchal perspective. In this context, everyone becomes part of the narrative, as water's embrace extends beyond the boundaries of exclusion. For in the absence of water, the essence o life cannot flourish.

Special thanks to Giulia Busetti, curator from the Dass8Meer exhibition in context of See Frauen Parade. Showed at M.S. Stubnitz, Hamburg, 2023.

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Images: courtesy of the artist.