Paraiso Tropical

Performance Installation with videomapping, sound and 2mt reflecting pool.

Video Mapping: Tomás Santana A.K.A. vj Mute

Interviews: Luis Guillermo Franquiz , Mónica Henriquez, Tatiana Serrano, Pedro Suárez, Francia Suárez and NGO Hearts on Venezuela.

Hamburg, 2021.

The performance installation Paraíso Tropical, 2020 shown at Kunsthaus Hamburg refers to her personal migration experience and is at the same time a commentary on the geopolitical agenda of her home country Venezuela and the conflict between state and popu- lation that has been going on for years. The country has been run down to the point where access to work, food and medical care is no longer available. To escape this state of affairs, thousands of people are fleeing across the Simon Bolivar Bridge to Colombia. The most frequented border point and the epitome of flight and migration in the South American context, serves the artist as a starting point for her work. Interviews with refugees can be heard, who tell the cruel events on the border crossing. The audio level is complemented by a video mapping of leaves reminiscent of tropical rainforests projected on a layer of rudimentary plastic film. Pastor uses this simple construction to reference images familiar from escape routes, all in all, creates a visual contrast between the sobering realities of migrants and a romantic notion of paradisiacal nature.

Awarded with the working grant for visual arts of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg 2021. Kunsthaus, Hamburg.

Images: Pedro Torres, sketch Tomás “Mute” Santana.