Photography with sound piece.

Venezuela, 2023.
The artwork consists of a collection of four images measuring 20x40cm and six images measuring 10x20cm. Each piece is beautifully presented in handmade wooden frames crafted by Nils Knott.

Photographic series captured in the Venezuelan Amazon, showcasing Elena Victoria's portrayal as a naturalist, capturing intricate details of the vegetation. The artwork is printed on metallic paper, lending a luminous quality to the lighter areas and creating a sense of detachment from reality, encouraging reflection on the issue of mining extraction in the region. The series is complemented by a journalistic interview with a member of the Baniwar indigenous community, shedding light on their cosmology and addressing the pressing issue of illegal mining and its detrimental impact on the local ecosystem.

This project has been made possible with the generous support of BKM Hamburg.

Images: courtesy of the artist & Arnanldo Drés González.