Ly-rics on música para planchar

Performance with objects and sound.

Hamburg, 2022.
In the early 2000s, record labels released a compilation of ballad -like Spanish-language pop songs that were originally lyrics from Latin American soap opera songs; they called this "new genre": música para planchar (ironing music).
The name came from the fact that, just at the moment when the telenovela was being talked about, it coincided with the time for ironing after eating. The lyrics underlined the melodramatic content of the series and emphasized the position of women as submissive, expectant and suffering in the face of romantic love.
Letras con música para planchar is a performance inspired by Semiótica de la cocina by Marta Rosler, where with elements of sound installation, gestural and live voices where Elena Victoria reinterprets, analyzes and extracts these telenovela lyrics to make a critique of the capitalist patriarchy.

With the kind support of BKM Hamburg.

Images: courtesy of the artist.