In search of a new symbiosis

Performance installation with video mapping, sound and elements of nature.

Video mapping by Fabián Villasana A.K.A. dr._.calavera

Hamburg, 2022.
Elena Victoria's naked body gracefully emerges from within the branches of a fallen tree, brought to life through video mapping, where real branches intertwine and extend into the exhibition space. Simultaneously, an ambient sound composition, combined with selected passages from Michel Serres' book "The Natural Contract," resonates through the room, narrated in the artist's own voice.

Complementing the immersive experience, a landscape of carefully arranged cut logs occupies the exhibition space, accompanied by the captivating scent of palo santo incense. Through this multi-sensory installation, titled "In Search of a New Symbiosis," Elena Victoria invites contemplation on the urgent need to reestablish a harmonious connection between humanity and nature, blurring the boundaries between the real and the fictional, while questioning the impact of technology on our relationship with the natural world.

This  artwork was created for the collective exhibition of the Arbeitsstipendium FreieKunst Hamburg 2020/2021, held at the Sammlung Falckenberg Collection in Deichtorhallen Hamburg.

Images: Deichtorhallen Hamburg / Sammlung Falckenberg, photo: Felix Krebs & courtesy of the artist.