Der Baum der im
Wald fällt


Imaginary Sound Landscape,

Trier, 2024.
At the inaugural event of the exhibition SúnPoíēsis From Ego- to Eco-Centrism through Art, Elena Victoria Pastor enthralls the audience with her performance piece titled The Tree That Falls in the Forest.

Drawing upon her musical background, Pastor skillfully employs sound as her medium of expression. Within the delicate tapestry of our world lies an intricate network of relationships, both visible and unseen, influencing one another in ways beyond human comprehension.

Through free improvisation punctuated with haunting vocal interludes, Pastor transports her audience to the depths of the Amazon. Here, she crafts an ethereal soundscape, inviting exploration of the hidden connections that for the very fabric of our environment. In the performance, Pastor prompts contemplation on the limits of our understanding and the boundless depths of our interconnectedness, challenging us to perceive beyon the constraints of the mind and memory.

SúnPoíēsis: From Ego- to Eco-Centrism through Art at Kunsthalle Trier from 7 March to 7 April 2024. The curatorial initiative by Sabina Oroshi.

Photos: Jean-Luc Caspers Exhibition view at the Kunsthalle Trier