Atem zum Wind

video, 39:10:16”

Hamburg, 2023.
Hannes Wienert wind instruments.
Elena Victoria Pastor singing and instruments from the Amazonas.
Worshop children facilator supporter: Lina Figueroa García.

In a concert of free improvisation and river instruments, we will be transported to an environment where the sounds of birds mingle with captivating shamanic chants, creating a magical and enveloping atmosphere.

The power of breath as the cornerstone of life will be explored, allowing for a profound dialogue between natural elements and spiritual connection from different perspectives. By immersing ourselves in the sounds of nature, we open ourselves to the possibility of experiencing a more intimate communion with our surroundings and reconnecting with our essential connection to planet Earth.

The concert invites us to explore the beauty and harmony that lies in the interaction between the divine and the earthly, awakening a deep sense of unity and respect for our natural environment.  

Performed at Klimaströme Das Fest der Elbe. Curated by Kajan Luc.

Klimaströme  is a project of Entenwerder Elbpiraten e.V. and is supported by Das Zukunfts Paket, Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung & NUE-Stiftung.

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Video: courtesy of the artist.
Images: Felix Amsel & Öncü Gültekin.