Así fue: tránsito en la ciudad del desabastecimiento


Caracas, 2014.
Through a meticulous topographical examination, Elena Victoria delves into the urban landscape of Caracas, focusing on its vacant advertising spaces that, by 2014, stood as empty symbols of an economic crisis. These abandoned billboards, devoid of any content or products, serve as powerful witnesses and reflections of the scarcity of essential goods such as food, medicine, and supplies.

In a captivating multimedia collage, Victoria combines the auditory elements of radio and television commercials from the 1970s, a time when Venezuela's oil boom projected a prosperous future for the nation. This artistic exploration embraces the notions of memory, decay, the passage of time, and the intertwining of physical and social spaces. By merging past and present, Victoria prompts us to reflect on the complex relationship between economic fluctuations and societal transformations.

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Images: courtesy of the artist.