image: Alberto Hermandez


In the vast expanse of the cosmos, nothing exists in a solitary realm, untouched by the intricate dance of phenomena, beings, forces, and elements. They intertwine, in varying degrees, creating a cosmic tapestry of connection. In the universe of art, this symbiotic interplay extends beyond the creative impulse to experiment with diverse mediums. It takes on a rhizomatic, organic essence, forever evolving.

My work, though rooted in the realm of live arts, extends its adventurous tendrils into digital spaces, embodying, from the soil of my personal narrative, a mirroring quest to build bridges, forge intersections, and foster dialogues that reflect opposing worlds, creating a captivating dance of humanity.


Elena Victoria Pastor (b. 1982) is an artist originally from Venezuela who immigrated to Europe in 2014 and has been based in Hamburg since 2018. Currently, her interest lies in seeking bridges, intersections, and connections between seemingly distant perspectives, such as the worldviews of indigenous communities in the Amazon and the philosophical ecosophical thought of central Europe. Through this exploration, she aims to deconstruct the anthropocentric gaze and foster an integrative horizontality that opens up possibilities for action with a smaller ecological footprint.

Her work has been exhibited in various international venues, including Performance Arts Links in Stockholm, Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Sofia Art Week in Bulgaria, Kunsthaus Hamburg, Museum of Modern Art Jesus Soto, Museum of Contemporary Art MACZUL, International Performance Studies Conference PSi28 Johannesburg, National Gallery of Arts Caracas, Casa de América in Madrid, Sammlung Falckenberg of Deichtorhallen Hamburg and an auction with Annie Leibovitz at VAEA New York.