In search of a new symbiosis part II: the unknown


Interactive installation with natural elements, projection and sound.

Concept by Elena Victoria Pastor, creative design/videomapping by Tomas Vj Mute Santana & Mastering of the sound piece by David Huss.

Hégenheim, 2024.
In Search of a New Symbiosis Part II: The Unknown is a conceptual work by Elena Victoria that immersively transports the public to the underground, where the fungal network, the wood wide web, resides. The work consists of two projectors that project a mycelial web onto the walls and ceiling of the room. The projections have been mapped to “draw” where you want to see the image, previously the room has been intervened with organic material from roots and pruning of trees in the surroundings.

Through loudspeakers a soundtrack by Elena Victoria is played between a voice-over of quotes from the book “Let's become fungal”, by Yasmine Ostendorf-Rodriguez and a sound composition with concrete music and feedback loop. It directly raises the question of how our way of living affects even that which we cannot see, inciting the need for our species to reconsider a new form of interspecies symbiosis that includes it even in human decisions that affect all living things on the planet.

The work was invited to be presented for the first time in the second phase of the project “Exploring Conscious Territories” at the Fabrikculture in Hégenheim during the week of ArBasel 2024.

Special thanks to Katherine Newton, Alejadro Nolla and Susanna Hartman for the invitation to join the Exploring Conscious Territories collective. As well as the invaluable collaboration of David Huss and Tomás VjMute Santana.

Exhibited at
- 2024 FabrikCulture in Hégenheim, Switzerland-France border.

Photos: courtesy of artist